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Collaborative & Innovative

All of our apprenticeships include the opportunity to work with local, regional and national acts. Apprentices get the opportunity to not only learn a trade, but network with partners and acts to build a solid reputation. Another exciting benefit, is that these kids will get to meet and work with seasoned professionals in both the production and performance industry that could lead to future opportunities.


Apprenticeship Fund Program

This apprenticeship will educate youth about how to run sound for a live show, including inputs and outputs, adjusting loudness (gain and volume) assigning the audio, equalizing the audio, auxiliary sends, channeling techniques, soloing channels and much more!  

This skill is a highly sought for live music venues, performing arts venues, political events, city funded shows, unions, and much more! Experienced sound technicians can make up to $150-$200 per hour for a large event.



Apprencticehip Fund Program

Apprentices prepare, rig, operate and program and maintain stage lighting systems and electrical effects. ... Lighting technicians work closely with lighting designers, sound technicians, the director and the stage manager to combine their skills and help create the live experience.

A skilled lighting technician can make up to $50,000 a year, and are in high demand for theater, performing arts, festivals, special event, and other live performances.

Night Club


Apprenticeship Fund Program

Stage technicians support production by completing the following duties: moving sets and scenery during performance (load in and changeovers), maintaining machinery, tuning instruments, cleaning stages, installing lights, solving technical issues, assisting actors, directors and musicians, and collaborating with the technical team.

Stage hands, also knows as "roadies" often travel with bands and other productions, and can make any where from $80-$400 a show. Stage hands can become independent workers, or can join a union, can work at a theater or live music venue.

On Stage
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