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Image by Caleb George


The Performing Arts Collective of Tallahassee (PACT), formerly known as the Tallahassee Live Music Community Charity Group (TLMC), was founded in 2018 as a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing the arts to the forefront of community life. Originally focused on live music and instrument donations, PACT has expanded its scope to include other performing arts and changed its name to reflect this. PACT is dedicated to providing free performing arts lessons in dance, piano, and guitar, as well as apprenticeships in sound engineering, light engineering, and stage management for at-risk youth in the Big Bend Region, supporting arts education in Title I schools, promoting arts programming in the community, and fostering artistic talent by supporting local, regional, and national acts. While previously relying heavily on events at The Warrior on the River Theater of the Performing Arts, PACT now receives funding from external events, grants, and generous donors.

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