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Instrument Donations

We gather both new and slightly used musical instrument contributions, restoring those requiring attention, and redirecting them to deserving youngsters aspiring to learn music. Our donations have included upright pianos, keyboards, guitars, violins, clarinets, amplifiers, and a variety of other items. We are delighted to arrange pickups. Contributions valued at over 350 dollars are eligible for tax deductions.

Store, Auctions and Raffles

Raising Funds for Performing Arts Programming

We have extended our efforts to include the auctioning, raffling and selling of instruments during a range of community events, captivating concerts, and purposeful fundraisers, all orchestrated for the betterment of our charity group. The invaluable contributions made by donors and participants play a pivotal role in sustaining and enriching our diverse performing arts programs. Your involvement directly contributes to the flourishing growth of these initiatives, enabling us to provide aspiring young talents with access to music education and the profound benefits of artistic expression. Any purchases over 350 dollars are tax deductible.

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